Dementia care

Dementia care

Here at Buxbells Resources Residential Services agency, our memory care specialist dementia care services work 24/7 to ensure the quality of life for our clients living with dementia, including Alzheimer’s.

Meticulous Care developed to meet client needs

We are committed to providing excellent dementia care. Our highly professionally trained care team develop professional and compassionate care to our clients in their home. There is currently no cure for dementia. However, we ensure clients with dementia live well, safe and happy for years in the comfort of their homes and environments after their diagnosis.

What dementia care does Buxbells Resources Residential Services agency offer?

We offer these care services for clients living with dementia:

• Dementia Care at home: helping clients with Active Daily Livings, social activities, and personal care at home
• Live-in dementia care: providing clients with competent one-to-one, customized, and professionally developed support, 24 hours a day in their home which includes:
• Help to maintain the household to keep a safe, clean environment
• Refined relationship with clients and overall quality of life
• Reduced risk of falls and other injuries
• Medication reminders, healthy meal preparation, and help clients stay hydrated
• Professional management of behavior like wandering, sundowning, agitation, or anxiety
• Regular updates on mood, physical and mental health, and daily activities to keep the client’s family informed
• Daily commitments through the activities in our analytic restorative routine
• 24/7 customer care support so you can speak with one of our Client Care Managers.

We are here to help;
Caring for a loved one with dementia can be physically and emotionally demanding. As symptoms develop, clients with dementia will require more care which will require a 24 hours safety monitoring and care support with active daily livings. Over time clients develop personality changes and memory loss. This affects family members emotionally and physically due to the stress that comes with it. People with dementia are best staying at the comfort of their homes and environments they are familiar with on a steady routine. We have professional caregivers are specifically and professionally trained to help our clients remain safe and happy at the comfort of their home. We maintain and match caregivers with clients that they bond with on a professional level. Consistency is very vital when it comes to caring for clients with dementia as they may react negatively to new faces. Buxbells Resources Residential Services Agency assures clients and family members peace of mind with excellence in caring for their loved ones. We believe in committed, high-quality, excellent, total peace of mind, and trusted care expertise.

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